Aqua Consoil 2019, Progress in Sustainable LandManagement Worldwide

昨月末に開催されました、Aqua Consoil 2019のSustainable Remediationに関する特別セッション、Progress in Sustainable LandManagement WorldwideのセッションスライドがCLAIREのHPからダウンロードできるようになりました。 





Aqua Consoil 2019 :Progress in Sustainable LandManagement Worldwide

  • Animation of Sustainable Remediation 
  • Debunking Myths about Sustainable Remediation, Jonathan Smith, Soil and Groundwater Technology Manager, Shell Global Solutions (UK) Ltd, Former Chair of SuRF-UK
  • SuRF ANZ Key activities and future plans, John Hunt, Ventia & SuRF ANZ
  • Parallels between ISO 14001:2015 and the SuRF UK Framework, Hayley Thomas – Shell Global Solutions International BV. 
  • How to manage the huge amount of radio-Cs contaminated soil in Fukushima (more) sustainably?, Tetsuo Yasutaka
  • Resilient Land Remediation, Barbara Maco, Vice President Emeritus, Sustainable Remediation Forum US
  • Transition in Soil Quality Management, Laurent Bakker, Director Soil and Groundwater Tauw Group
  • Advancements of Sustainable Remediation in China, Prof. Mengfang Chen